Rug Cleaning Pricing

Authentic Rug Washing Pricing

Your Oriental rugs are precious possessions. They also represent a sizable investment. Our Auserehlian Rug Cleaning System was created specifically to insure that your investment is protected and your rugs receive the best care.

Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning Rates

Rug Cleaning – Authentic Hand-washing – $5.00 per square foot

Dust-Wash-Rinse-*Dry with
Teflon Fabric Protection for Rugs
20 sq. ft. minimum rug cleaning charge

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Decontamination Bath
*D.D.S. Treatment for Natural Fibers
Disinfect * Deodorize * Sanitize

The procedures are dictated by natural fibers, urine, mold, mildew, blackwater, etc.

$1.00/sq. ft.
PreDry Water Damaged Rugs $1.00/sq. ft.
Steri-Fab, Pre-Treatment for Contaminated Rugs $1.00/sq. ft.
Moth-Repel Post-Treatment for Rugs $1.00/sq. ft.
Air Dust Dry Soil Removal Only $1.00/sq. ft.
Teflon – Fabric Protection for natural fiber rugs $1.00/sq. ft.
ULTI-MAT Area Rug Underlayment
*Dual Purpose – For Use on Hard Surface Floors or on Top of Carpet
$2.00/sq. ft.
min. 20 sq. ft.
Pick-up/Delivery – Transportation Services $75.00 per man, per trip
Wrapping for Storage $25.00 per rug
Reweaving and Securing – *Conservation * Repair * Restoration* By quote
Perky Spotter: Kits or Quarts – Non-toxic, environmentally safe. An excellent cleaner for stains in carpeting and upholstery. $20.00 each
Appraisal, Formal Evaluation $100.00 per rug

See Glossary of Terms for Clarification